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Friday, January 11, 2013

Buff and beefy

I love my sugar daddy
I’m I Dreaming???
My Sugar daddy was driving his pickup, I was on the passenger seat and we were heading to the warehouse. He needed a pee break, and he stopped on a wooded rest area. I didn’t need to pee, he told me to stay in the truck. As my daddy entered in the toilet, a hunky silver fox with a jean jacket and tight jeans open my door. His jacket was wide open and I could see his muscled chest and abs with gray hair on. He also had a big bugle in his thigh jeans, I was sure he was horny and that made me horny… And then quickly he grabbed me on the neck and pulled me out of the pickup and dragged me in the wood. I was choking and I couldn’t breath. I couldn’t explain that but I was turned me on in the same time. Is it by this tall muscled man or by this bad event, which was turning worst??? As this man was dragging me by one hand, I could saw him unzipping his pants with the other. I was turning red now as the lack of oxygen was affecting my brain but my abductor release my neck and made me knee. I was breathing hard and looking down. He pulled my hair of the back of my head and forced me to take all his big cock down to my throat… I choked more; I wanted to throw out as my eyes were filled with tears… What this man didn’t know is that he could have just asked I would have sucked his big cock with pleasure and could’ve given him more pleasure, but now I was trembling as fear, tears and hornyness were in my entire body. The cock of this man was quiet as big as Chase Hunter’s one: cut and big. My mouth was watering more and more as I sucked and literally was swallowing his cock as my throat was tingling. He was grunting but what I was doing was not as pleasing as he wanted because he pushed my head harder and harder and I was feeling that his cock was less hard. Of course what I was doing was not what I used to do… I love cock and I’m always pleasing my Sugar Daddy as he wishes…And this situation was not comfy at all…As the man couldn’t get hard again he left me alone he hit me in the face and I received this punch I was out of this “Dream” and I noticed my mouth was drooling and I had a hard on cock…

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